Listen to a song about a lemur and what is happening to her home.

Song and lyrics © Andy Henley/Tym King; Animation by Cambridge English Online
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Lemurs like Lisa are in danger because the forests are being cut down. Do you know about any other animals which are losing their environment?

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poor Lisa

  • It very good song,i think,i realy like it!

Why we chopping the trees.

Yes,we need trees too.Trees made air. we need air.

Poor Lisa the lemur

i really like the song

We all need somewhere to live!!!!!!!!!!!!
Said story!=(=(=(

Lisa and her family is so poor. You mustn't waste paper! If you waste paper, you are killing trees even you are not chopping it. You know why? Because if you waste paper, they have to chop the tree down and make more paper! SO DON'T WASTE PAPER!!!

Help the poor lemurs!