Practise counting from one to ten with a song about ten little aeroplanes.

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Do you like this song? Which aeroplane is your favourite?

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My favourite aeroplane is number 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

The song is so cute and funny.
Wonderful regards to the learnenglish app from( PrincessVioletGrass)

yes I like aeroplanes number 5

I like 1 and 8

i liked it

i dont like this song:

i like number three

 in airplanes my favorite is seven little airplane one is great, ween i am small in 2009 December 28 i was my mom got to go to turkey and i leave my dad i come to my mom to see turkey what is look like it. In 2012 my dad is in turkey i'm so happy and happy family in turkey. ween i go to airplane inside is a air and TV ween a sit in the chair and front in the chair is small TV

 song sang

I like to sing this song!