Listen to a song about how to be safe crossing the road. 

Song and lyrics © Dave Holmes; Animation by Cambridge English Online


Do you cross the road safely? What else can help you cross the road safely?

Do you or your child need more help with your English?

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 WOW WOW WOW  , it's really really fun , and it's also scientific  to the children . 
I like it  , i hope this site put a lot  a lot of scientific songs , quiz , ....etc.

hate this

 I like the song because tell you to be careful when you cross the street

you are right PurplePetalTree... I also Love it. Its nice.

HA,HA,HA.....YOU ARE VERY FUNNY LadyRedSong   :)

NICE        :)

Run to the fridge! Open it! Pick a food! EAT! :)

We have to go on the white lines when we cross the road.

 good story

i am keeping alive