Practise playground words with this song about playing.

Song developed by Cambridge English Online
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Is there a playground where you live? What do you like doing in the playground?

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how to dowload this song ?

Hi Silver United 50,

Sorry, this song isn't available to download at the moment.

Best wishes, Miss Lucky Mouse (website editor)


thanks for answering my question so much
This song so awesome, I want to listen evveryday
Because It isn't available so I accpect
Best wishes for you, thanks Miss Lucky Mouse and nice to meet you ^_^

they play in the playground.they like play

I like this song because it's lovely. And I love playing in the PLAYGROUND!

Do you like playing in the playground? Yes.
Which do you like best, the swings, the slide or the roundabout? I like swings, when i am tired it gives me rest.
I like slide too it makes have fun wheeeing!
I do not like the roundabout it makes me feel dizzy.

Very very nice I looooooooovvvvvvveeeeeeeeee It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wow hi goodbye

I like playing badminton.

i like it' because the VIDEO shows badminton play ,,:)