Practise days of the week with this song about a monster.

Lyrics © Dave Holmes | Music and animation by Cambridge English Online
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Do you like pizza and chips? What's your favourite food?

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I like pizza ! but I don't like eatting children!

 haaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha a monster  is gonna eat you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is in imagtion


I think , i am going to sleep not near the window but , near the door. So that if by chance the monster going to come to me. i will be able to get away  as soon as i can.
and i like pizza but not chips. 

hhahaa good idea..  but what  if the monster will go through the door? :)

Good idea! ;)

i like pizza with tomato ,chicken,squid  and olive   it is very delicious
                                   TRY IT  

I like pizza and I do not like  chips

 I LOVE DOMINO'S PIZZA! THOSE PIZZAS ARE VERY TASTY! YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

poor kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!is so bad,MONSTER IS EATING CHILDRENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE THIS VIDEO SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!