Practise job words with this song about work.

Song and lyrics © Andy Henley/Tym King; Animation by Cambridge English Online


What's the best job in this song? What job would you like to have when you grow up?

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 So cool

Im from Croatia an this is my favourite english song.
I wanna be a basketball player or Electrical Engineer,like my dad
My mum is doctor,it is important and very hard job. I don't like hard and sad jobs.

 this is the first song I heard I hear it on the shool with my prefer teatcher i liked it so much 

 It's really a great song! I like this song !

Hi Racing drum forever!gb

really nice song! if  was big, i would like to be a firefighter!

 it's verry like

It's verry nice.

oh so intresting


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it was OK
i like it...