Listen to a song about cities and countries around the world.

Song and lyrics © Andy Henley/Tym King; Animation by Cambridge English Online
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Which country do you live in? Can you tell us about a famous city in your country?

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it is not good enough

very cool!!! I live in South America!!!!!!!! I love it!!!! It's very interesting

I like this song. why? I study many countries. I want to visit England-Manchester city
I also want to visit Spain.Do you want to visit my countries-Viet Nam. The weather is so nice.

It's a good song,I love it very much!!!!!!!!!
(I live in NanJing,the city in China at south of BeiJing!) 

 it's a bad song .i don't like it 

love this song so much, but why didn't the singer sing about Vietnam?>"<

because vietnam does not have a famous landmark

 very good song!!

This song is so amazing