Listen to a song about cities and countries around the world.

Song and lyrics © Andy Henley/Tym King; Animation by Cambridge English Online
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Which country do you live in? Can you tell us about a famous city in your country?

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i live in india in pune
there are many famous landmarks there like shaniwar  wada , katraj zoo etc.
i can see  almost the whole city from my bedroom window!

P.S. Im gonna paint my hair

I love this song this
even tells me to dance and
im crazzy in this song! I'll sing 
this all night

Coool this is really 
AWSOME i live
in new york just kidding 
i live in the Philippines

I really love this song! I live in the Philippines and the people there are a little me.
Anyway,I'm new here.

 I'm liviving in tunisia and I'm proud of it

 Very goodddd

And I live in Sweden.

I'm crazy in this song! I sing it very much!

I live in Zibo,China.I love my city and my country.The sky becomes blue,and poeple are friendly.