Listen to a song about cities and countries around the world.

Song and lyrics © Andy Henley/Tym King; Animation by Cambridge English Online


Which country do you live in? Can you tell us about a famous city in your country?

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I live in Thailand. There are many famous cities in my country. For example, Bangkok is a capital city in Thailand and foreign people always love to visit here because there are many interesting things.

I am born in Singapore but I live in Jambi, Indonesia

i live in Viet nam and Ho Chi Minh City

I live in Viet Nam :)

I live in Germany. Famous cities are Cologne and Munich.

I live in Nairobi!

I have gone to Bogotá Colombia and I would like to go to Paris in France and Las Vegas in the United States

My country is myanmar.Some country also call burma.

Which country do you live in?- I live in Ukraine. Can you tell us about a famous city in your country? It is Kiev.

I live in Kenya- Nairobi is a famous city in Kenya