Practise animal words and noises with this song about Old MacDonald's farm.

Animation by Cambridge English Online


What other animals can live on a farm? Have you ever been to a farm?

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There are many kind of animals can be in the farm such as chickens, horses, sheep and so on. I have been to the animal farm when I was young. I saw sheep and I feed them with bananas. I saw horses running around the farm.

very funny

These animals also can find on a farm : cat, sheep, chicken, goat. I have not been to
a farm but I wood love to.

I love this song! Yes, I have. You can also find chicken, goose and cats there.

This song is coooool! And the animals that we can find in a farm are : chicken, goat, horse, Rabbits........

There are horse, chickens, sheep, rabbits, turkeys, bulls and donkeys. I've never been to a farm before but... I would like to visit a farm!

They may live also in a farm a horse, hens, sheeps, rabbits, turkeys, bulls and donkeys.

Chicken,yes i have been to a chiken farm.

I was once to a farm. There was also a horse.