Listen to this traditional song about an old lady who swallows a fly.

Song developed by Cambridge English Online


Did you like the song? What other crazy things could the old lady swallow?

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Ha ha ha!!Cool!

She is so sad.after that song she died.It is so not funny.Imagine your mom or dad die like that.Your love ones dead.This is too sad.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha it is very funny ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

It's my favorite song!!!

Well the old lady could swallow a bear and a shark

That would be brutal

To be honest I feel bad for her. When other people say it's funny it kind of angers me.
I mean imagine you're own grandparents doing that. I understand if some people don't agree with me, it's just gruesome.

I don"t like that song

Hahahahah!!!! It really is a funny poem! She swallowed a fly, bird, cow. cat, spider, horse, and a dog!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Question why did the old lady die?Answer Because she eats
The horse Ha Ha