Listen to a song about animals in the jungles of Brazil.

Song by Boogie Mites UK. Animation by Cambridge English Online.
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What's your favourite jungle animal? Can you think of any more animals you can find in the jungle?

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first,here we don't have monsters.and see there aren't any lions in Brazil!this song is strange isn't it?

 I don't like this song very much!

My country is the smallest country in the whole world and by now you must have guessed it and you know that we are not so rich like any other country but I will love to say that if there is anyone who is planning to come to our country we welcome you if you are planning to come please , to see the beautiful nature of us and our kind people.... 

I love this song....  : )

I live near the equator and we have a big jungle. There are no monkeys, lions and tigers but we have snakes, parrots, white tern, cats , eagle and birds like ( hoara, maaranga,) kurangi, ( known as blackbird) :)

There are lots of Kokaa ( Butterfly) in a jungle, not only in jungle but all over our city

I like the song :)
do you like the song?

I like song too much...the pictures are too good.ı want to go to the brazil too...


I can't listen the song because ı don't have any headphone and ı am in my father's office.


 There are much jungles in Brazil. There is even the biggest jungle in the world!