Listen to a song about things we can do to help to save the planet.

Lyrics by Carolyne Ardron | Animation and song developed by Cambridge English Online
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Do you do the things in the song to help the environment? What else can we do?

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 Dear Princess Pixie Pea,
This song is... good! And not good AT ALL, but THE TIPS are good! But there are not enough tips. When they are more tips is this song AWESOME!
White Starlight Piano

Dear White Starlight Piano

I'm very glad you like the song and the tips. I hope you like some of new songs too!

Thanks for sending in your comments.

Princess Pixie Pea (website editor)

not the song is important but what they r saying is important environment is precious from god , listen d song once again then u will realize let god help us from pullutions !!

i like to give my chothles to other people

This is my favourite  song...........AND MY FAVOURITE WEB.
Recicle and sing a songs in english!!!!
Cool song, congratulations!!!!

they like life.they like world.they likes trees.

song is useful. my teacher taught us what sould we do to save our  planet.

I  always  understand  what  I  have  to  do , OK ! So  don't  ask  me  that !

i dont like it at all but we must follow its rules for our planet!!!!!!!

I like this song too! It's right what they say!