Practise colours with this traditional song about rainbows.

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Do you like this song? When did you last see a rainbow? 

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My frends ım not can't fly Purple music20 now ım can fly Purple music20:))))))))))))))

Yes BraveSailingbone Im PurpleMusic20 My Favourite Color is Purple :)

My favourite is Purple

My favrit colour is blue

 my favrit  colour  is blue 

this is my favorite song

Ay   the   canion  is   beaultiful

My favorite color is red. I have a dice, I have a book, I have a pencil, I have a blouse and I have boots. They are red. I loved the song.

I like this song very very much ,this is a amazing song   my favourite pet is rabbit and kittens :-) what a amazing song i heard :0