Listen to a song about pets.

Song developed by Cambridge English Online
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Have you got a dog or another pet? What pet would you like?

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I don't like the melody of the song, not very happy

I hate pets!!!

haha i like this

I have a puppy

Have you got a dog or another pet? No, I haven't.
What pet would you like? I would like a cat.

I got rabbit .My favourite pet is fish.

dear OpalScientistLight !
im just like you!but i like a dog.

I want a cat. But my dad says: When we have a house with garden. My aunt have cat. Her name was meatball. But I say soup to her.

her voice is very funny

Hello, My name is AnVic.
Im from Spain, I really love dogs. But I dont have one, I might get one for my birthday.
But that is a great song