Listen to a song about getting dressed. 

Song developed by Cambridge English Online
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Do you like the song? What are your favourite clothes?

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I like that song. My favorite clothe is a skirt.

It's very funny!

it is very funny, i love it.

Hi! This is Valera again.
I like this song. It's a happy song.
My favourite clothes: hoodies and baseball caps.
Here is my line:
Don't put caps on your feet :))))

This song is very funny.

My cousin's favourite clothes are T-shirts and leggings.

My favourite clothes are T-shirts and shorts.

I'm not so sure about the song.
My favourite clothes are legins

I did’t like the song to be oneste but I like sweaters

I like that song. My favourite clothes is skirt and jeans.

the best part is that the boy put on the pants on his head