Listen to a song about Dean and Pearl, the teenage spies. 

Music and lyrics by Andy Henley and Tym King. Animation by Cambridge English Online.
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In the song there was a laser pen, camera ring and other gadgets for spies. What gadget would you like to have?

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How did they manage to defuse the ray when they wasted a lot of time? They did introduce the weapons twice.

All of the gadgets are important to them. If they only had the secret code book,how would they be able to complete the mission? And if they only had the laser pen, how would they decipher the code to get in and how would they be able to de-activate Dr.Malevolent's MCL? See? One gadget + mission = failure.

There are a lot of unknown words for esl students of this age

I like this song very much. It is cool! Hu-Huuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

:Dear GreatAmethys6:
I dont like the radio watch but i
like the jet skates :D
They make you go faster than ever! And i mean EVER!
i dont care about the secret code book

I think that the most important gadget is the radio watch.You can communicate any time.

 I looovvveee thisss soong!!!!!!! iiitss sooo goooodd!!!!! I looovvveee hiiiiim 100000000 prozent!!!!

I don't like this song.

gooood dean and pearl

i want to be in hq