Do you like playing with friends? Listen to a song called Can I play with you? and sing along.


What toys do you share when you play with your friends? Tell us about them!

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Hello! I new!

I always share my toys such as Legos, Blocks, Puzzles and so on.

I share the puzzle, toy cars and story books.

I very like that song!

Amazing ◉‿◉◉‿◉(๑♡⌓♡๑)

I like that song can i play with you

This is such a fantastic adventure! We have already many friends! You get to know each other, play, play on the playground and even invite them to your home! If you a friend already, then that means you can do all this stuff! Isn`t it amazing? Your friend must be from another country or the same country! Hope you understood about being friendly and please do not forget this, Kindness costs nothing!

Hi, i'm new