Listen to a song about what animals can and can't do. 

Song and lyrics © Dave Holmes; Animation by Xu Gue
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Did you like the song? Can you tell us about some other animals and what they can do?

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1.) The best funny question in this song is: "Can a pig dance a jig"                                                              2.) More silly question: "Can a bear it a bins" "Can a fish fly in sky" "Can a spider live in water"             Hi! Its a very funny song. :)

 i like it

it is horrible!!!

it's a funny song.

nice song i like to listen to it , can i ask why  he can ? i think it should be it can for cat . flea and the other things

of course apig CANOT dance

nice to listen

  • cool song

 the song is awesome but i don't understand one thing.
                                           can the animals do the cancan like me?
                                                         yes or no?

 Cool song!!! I like it very much!!! And...

  • Can you climb trees?
  • Can you eat cakes?

I think, that you can do it!

  1. If you can do it, do it now!!!
  2. If you can do only one thing of it, learn how to do another thing!!!

Now you can eat tasty cakes and climb high trees!!!!