Listen to a song about what animals can and can't do. 

Song and lyrics © Dave Holmes; Animation by Xu Gue
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Did you like the song? Can you tell us about some other animals and what they can do?

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I like that song! The other animals i think is…
● ''Can a dog write in a book?''
''No it can't.''
●''Can a bird fly?''
''Yes it can.''

i liked this song

I like it.

its good ! i like it !

This clown is... HAHAHAHA!!!! :->

This is a great songs !!!! Great, I love British Council

I though this sing is very good

The funniest question in the song is 'Can a pig dance a jig?'. haha

thanks ladycrystalkitten for answering me

what is the meaning of flea

what is the meaning of can it do the cancan like me?