This boy's family all work with animals. Does he want to work with animals too when he grows up? Watch and find out!

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This family all have animal jobs. What jobs do the people in your family have? Tell us about them!

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 HI . Your  storie is very good. I want to be a translater when i grow up. I started  lern Englsh when i was 4. I like to read books in ENGLISH. I know that translater gets 50000 in 1 month. Do you to read English books

Hy! I learn English from 7 years. No I know 1,500 words... I read books... Ho old are you?
And I want to be a police.

I  want to become scientist.


I wanna become a doctor when I grow up. I wanna take care of sick people. I wanna earn honestly. Do you know I met Barack Obama trice! And he gave me some toffees trice! I was very happy!

well, i'd like to be a traveler because i want to go around the country and see all the beautiful places in my hometown. And if i have enough money, i also want to driver my car to another country and have a look at those nice places with my own eyes.

when i grow up  i want to be a...

  1. scientist 
  2. mathematician
  3. biologist

I would like to be a vet because I love very much animals and when they need help I like to care about them. They cannot talk, but their eyes say more than words, their games show how much they love you. Often I look on Animals Planet and my wish is to become a special vet like those who I saw in special centers for unhelping animals. They are good peoples with big heart... that's why I would like to become also a vet.

very very fun i like that is a very beautiful site is beautiful i like english and i like what will i be when i grow up is my favourite activity

When i grow up i want to be teacher in u.s.a