This boy's family all work with animals. Does he want to work with animals too when he grows up? Watch and find out!

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This family all have animal jobs. What jobs do the people in your family have? Tell us about them!

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  • i want to be a medicin because i'm planning since i was akid

There are  4 members in my family  : My Father, Mother, Sister and I
My Father is a engineer . He works for technology company. My Mother is an accountant . She works for shipping company. My sister and I are students. All we leave at 7am and back home at 6pm.We have dinner at 8pm
The day of my family is over.

It's hard to decide what to be when we grow up. I think the boy took a good decision about deciding what to be when he grew up.

i think that i will be a siencetist besause  it is to cool!

I think just love something and when u grown up, that's hard 2 choose one of them.
I love to draw but I both good at designing clothes, drawing scenes , drawing for anime, designing houses and draw portrait.
And the problem with me is that I don't know which job can I choose:
-and a lot more job I think about!!!!!!!!:x
:D :) :))

my mum and dad dont work but i have fun with them cos i luv them my mum has not got a work cos she dont no english but she is fostering a child so thats her work my dad dont have a work cos he has one hand and i feel real sorry for him but when i grow up i want to be a doctor ad a author and by the way im only 11 so there.

it was ok but i can write a better story cos im 12 duh duh duh ok lol now thats it but i really want to be a doctor and a author there the best jobs that you can ever had and then, you can be fame like for ever and then if u die yr name will be still thre but that story was good

ok i  liked it

 Hello, my mother is a teacher. She works in a university. She works in English department and she has lots of students. She doesn't wear uniform. She likes to read and teach. She starts at 9 and finishes at 2.