Quinine is a medicine that helps to fight malaria. How was quinine discovered? Watch and find out!

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Quinine was discovered in the Amazon rainforest. Do you know about any forests? Are there any places with lots of trees where you live? Tell us about them!

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It is so cool story!

i like that story

Is Qunnie a real medicine?

Yep, its a real story. And do you play roblox? :D

Hi PurpleHappy2,


Yes, quinine is a real medicine! We hope you liked learning about it in the story!


LearnEnglish Kids team

I like the story and the stories activity. Cool.

I like the story and I have learnt a lot of history about Peru. I like best the story of the countess of Chincon
and the story of Lima and Callao in the past I went to Peru.

Great story. It helped me in my general knowledge quiz

cool guys