Ramadan is a special time of year in the Islamic calendar. What happens to the prince in this story? Watch and find out!

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This is a traditional story about Ramadan lanterns. Do you know any traditional stories from your country? Tell us about it!

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i didnt thik about this story 

 who really loves ramadhan? i really absolutely love ramadhan. i am a muslim. that is why i love to fast in ramadhan.

is this true story??????????

That's right MagicRunningSkates. 
Ramadan is a special month for Muslims. It is the ninth month of the Islamic year. 
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LearnEnglish Kids team

Ramadhan is the month of the year.

who is ramadan?

 i loved it

  •     PLEASE!! 

    The ones who are are muslims and celebrate Ramazan please reply to me so I will know how many love there religion...

    I love this story

  • this is ramazan

i am muslim and i love my religion,i like ramadan too

Wow! Its
really nice!!!!!!!!!!!!