Ramadan is a special time of year in the Islamic calendar. What happens to the prince in this story? Watch and find out!

Story developed by Cambridge English Online


This is a traditional story about Ramadan lanterns. Do you know any traditional stories from your country? Tell us about it!

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Wow!!!! I love this story

Awesome ! The story is good but I can't understand very much. :( I think Learn English Kids is very good ! I can understand most stories. Hey Learn English Kids , thanks for this stories , songs , games...

nice story because is run to learn

I have lots of fun.

 Wow ! I really enjoyed it!!!! The story was fantactic!!!! I loved it!!!!

i really enjoyed the story

This is very nice story about different culture:) I am from Poland and I like it:)

I don't believe in the story, but it's a good story.

very nice story

Very good....thank you..