Two children are on holiday at the Pyramids in Egypt. What adventures will they have? Watch and find out!

Story by Sue Clarke | Animation by Cambridge English Online


Basma and Hossam find a tomb in the pyramid. What treasure do you think is inside? Tell us about it!

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 It is very funny

 Hi! I am visiting in the post office, where I am writting to you enjoy your holiday. My free time are great! I was on the seaside. I saw the sunset and gulls biger than ducks:).  Lots of love!

I like this story but the mummy is so cute.

The last part when the mummy is chasing Basma and Hossam and Basma and Hossam are chasing the mummy was very funny! :D =D;-)

Dear Ashley,
You already know I am in Egypt. I would like to tell you something that was just way too scary!! I think you'll too be scared after listening to my story. We visited the Pyramids, and we saw a door in one of the pyramids. There was a code on the door which we broke after long time figuring it out, then surprisingly the door started to open!!On the walls, there were colorful paintings. As we went forward we saw many Egyptian Gods and Goddesses on the way...As we went more inside, we saw a tomb...OMG!!,there was a mummy in it, it started chasing us !But later, we chased it back into his tomb. We shut the door and we went back. It was memorable yet a scary experience.
Regards and love,

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I like the story

But  I to want quary something from blackwoodpeckerriver  and  ladycrystellkitten that you are friends?

LadyCristalKitten how old are you; I am ten  

Very good story :D