Two children are on holiday at the Pyramids in Egypt. What adventures will they have? Watch and find out!

Story by Sue Clarke | Animation by Cambridge English Online


Basma and Hossam find a tomb in the pyramid. What treasure do you think is inside? Tell us about it!

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sorry to say its really bad & also I didnt understand

I Love It! It's a really good story! I Love Egypt!

 i like the story hehehe !

 I like the story . my favourite seen was when hossma and
bismma was chasing the mummy.

That was a great story I wanna watch it again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My friend and I went to visit the Pyramid on holiday. We saw some people were coming to get treasure from Mummy’s tomb we put them in the trap.

hellow my name is daniel i love my family and friends i am going to get a football team  i love this short story it was so funny day thursday 25 august 2011

it's nice,but where are the traps ?it must be a lot of traps in the pyramid!!!