A lucky seed falls from the farmer's cart. What will happen to it? Watch and find out!

Story by Kim Ashmore | Animation by Cambridge English Online


The lucky seed grows into a tree. What's your favourite tree or plant? Tell us about it!

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the seed is very very luky

I love planting seed

I want to grow some tomatoes.I love plants

 That was a veryyyyyyyyyyy lucky seed!

This story is interesting. I would be able to plant a seed in my garden.

It's great. After I listen to The lucky seed then I think what do I something. I ask my father for a flower pot. First, I put  the soil into the flower pot , I make a little hole and put the radish seed in. Finally, I water
I every day bring the pot in a light place and water . I see it to grow taller and taller.
Wonderful !

Hi Young Dragon 1000! 

That's great that you decided to grow a radish. Is it still growing? Write again and let us know if you eat the radish.

Miss Lucky Mouse (editor)

In liked it verymuch !!

i love it