Everyone in the family has a different idea of where to go on holiday. What will they decide? Watch and find out!

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The family want to do lots of different things on holiday. What can people do on holiday where you live? Tell us about it!

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i wish i went to the cruise

  •  My city name is Islamabad.
  •  It is pretty big.
  •  The weather is cloudy at the moment.
  •  Here there is monument,national assembly and supreme court of Pakistan.
  •  Here there are many parks,museums,seaside etc.
  •  Barbecues are very popular here. 
  • The activity is gggrrrreeeeaaattttttttt!!!!!!!!!
  • great



I live in Malaysia.The weather is hot at all time.

I want to .cruise too.

i like cruise. what do you like?

i live in uae sharjah its quite small the whether is sunny and hot there are a lot of famous landmarks there are some very big parks there is some yummy popular food

Good Story.