Everyone in the family has a different idea of where to go on holiday. What will they decide? Watch and find out!

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The family want to do lots of different things on holiday. What can people do on holiday where you live? Tell us about it!

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 i like it.it is a very funny thing in the hole story that what all of them wanted the got it in grandmas house that is cool 

I Like this story because I Like storis


 I want to go to a cruise,where i can eat turkey,chicken,ham,sandwitche's,bread,waffles,pie,boiled eggs,and watch a movie.

Holidays are supa-fun!! yeah of course with grandmom..I love every kind of holiday...I am not that choosy!

i  like a holiday,its funny.
i like to go to the beach and
i like to go to the city. 

my dream holiday is that one

Nice story. I love it! Let watch another story!

ı hate bad ending ...it is asya

hello evreybody i aready knew how to speak english i was born english i'm learning french thoue.