Everyone in the family has a different idea of where to go on holiday. What will they decide? Watch and find out!

Story developed by Cambridge English Online


The family want to do lots of different things on holiday. What can people do on holiday where you live? Tell us about it!

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and i happy too

 so interesting


 It s very cool :)

 I'd like to a camping holiday because I love the nature It's really great

hello ıam turkısh

they were tricked by their grandma. HAHA!!!

 i like it.it is a very funny thing in the hole story that what all of them wanted the got it in grandmas house that is cool 

I Like this story because I Like storis


 I want to go to a cruise,where i can eat turkey,chicken,ham,sandwitche's,bread,waffles,pie,boiled eggs,and watch a movie.