Bob the dog has run away into a haunted house. Can the children find Bob? Watch and find out!

Story developed by Cambridge English Online


There are lots of scary things in the haunted house! Imagine you find another haunted house. What's in each room? Tell us about it!

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Hi my name is Pelle.

I walk in the forest ,in a dark,dark night.I find a spooky house and go inside...I go in the kitchen,and I see a horrible spider.I open the door of the lab,I see a very laid turtle.I go in  the bathroom,and see a big octopus!I rush out of the house but I hurt a stone ,I fell down.An ugly rat look at me.A strange green creature walks toward me!aaaaaaaaaaaaah!I run as fast as I could in the forest,quick!quick!the creature is behind me ,but I fell down,THE BIG CREATURE TOUCH ME!I cry"help,help!" and then I wake up.
It was just a nightmare...

 i like your story. 

  • cool!!

Scary and old. I will go to the study room . A turtle.yes there is creature .They found Bob

Nice scary story  :)

Don't ever say boring to a hard work of a person
I think someone had wrote it for all of us..

  • well,
  1. when did the dog come home?
  2. how can it run out of the house with no noise?
  3. what happened with the dog's eye?

the story it's boring...and it's not true.:(