The Jade Emperor chose the order of the animals in the Chinese zodiac. How did he decide? Watch and find out!

Traditional story adapted by Sue Clarke | Animation by Cambridge English Online


There are twelve animals in the story. Which one is your favourite? Tell us about it!

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Hi KingMonsterMars,
The rat pushes the cat into the river. The cat doesn't get to the other side of the river, so the Emperor doesn't choose it for the Chinese zodiac. 
The cat isn't a Chinese zodiac animal.
Do you like the story? Which animal do you like best?

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This is a very interesting story!!!!

  1.  Because of the caracters
  2. Because of the message it trasmit.

me 2007. Dad 1977. Mom 1981. Bi 2009.

My birthday is 2003
My Chenese zodiac sheep

I love animals

you can tell me i want download this video, i have to do ? thank you so much !

Hi HelloGrass200,
I'm sorry but it isn't possible to download the video, for copyright reasons.
You can download an printable activity that goes with the story, by clicking on 'print an activity for the story'.
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LearnEnglish Kids team

My Chinese Zodiac is the monkey.

cool story great race