The Good family wants to adopt an animal to take home from the animal shelter. Which animal will they choose? Watch and find out!

Story by Carolyne Ardron | Animation by Cambridge English Online


The family all have different ideas about the best pet. Which pet would you choose? Tell us about it!

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I love pet

Hi are you polish if you are please be my friend because i am polish too 

i love dogs and i already have  streat is very cute and likes to eat milk,rice,fish and sleeps on a bed night he sleeps inside a mosquto net. once in a week he has a bath.oh i really really love dogs not a cat like in the story.

if you dont like cats,why do you have a cat in your picture?

I love this story!!!

I am  rabbit  and  dog  cats love  :D
what  you  name is your name?

I like animals and the story is nice. I have a dog, a cat and budgie and 3 fish.

I like hamster. it's verry funny. it's eat carrot

 I think rabbits are very cute and I have a rabbit.

I do not have a favorite animal, I love them all. is indifferent!!