Teddy has an adventure one day. Why is he in the bin? Watch and find out!

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Kumiko is happy to see her teddy. What's your favourite cuddly toy? Tell us about it!

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I have a coca cola white teddy bear! I won it on competition! :D

I have a teddy too

i also have a white teddy bear it hold a heart written on it love i sleep with it as it so fluffy

It's so easy but cool.

The words of this story are difficult but beautiful

I don't like this story. I am not a girl. This is for girls an little children.

OMG!What an adventure, i am new and this site is awesome i am a new member but vetaran to this site.

This vidio is nice.

the story was nice!

WOW! Teddy had an exciting adventure.
I have a teddy. His name is Benji.
I sleep with him.