Some superheroes need to go to school to learn special skills. What do they learn at Superhero High? Watch and find out!

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These superheroes have some very exciting lessons! Imagine you're a student at Superhero High. Tell us about your day!

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i dont go to school but i go for 2 hours to an academy where i can learn ..... I would love to go to superhero high but i would not like the food.

O good , I wont to learn in this shool !!!

i dont know where it is i never went there before

If i went to a superhero school i would have all the super powers in the world.
I would practice each one of them every weekday.

I would love to go to Superhero High.

A day in school in Superhero High -

8:00 - I walk from my home to Superhero High , where I change my clothes in a telephone

8:30 - Time for first period ! Mr. Skyworth teaches us how to glide in the air using super jets, and helps us putting on our super powered jet packs, which helps us to fly for long distances. 9:10 - We move to the Language Detector class. I practise my Martian Language vowels as Ms. Linguare said she'll take a test . Its very hard learning an alien language , but it proves very useful in intergalactic missions.

9:50- Break time! We have glucose biscuits with extra KcP ( calorie power ).

10:30- Our fourth period , Logicals , starts . I struggle with a load calculation sums and Prof. Mastermind gives us extra homework since we've done very bad in our finals. Argh!

10:50- My favourite class begins , which is P.E! Me and my friends play with the invisible cape my uncle gave me. He is MisterInvisible in his Superhero band - The Super Star Heroes

11:30 - In this period , Theoretical Solving , we solve crimes and problems in our Th.S textbook written by our headmaster - Mr . C. Kent He has a marvellous brain and awesome strength but one drawback - He always loses his pen!

12:10 - One of my friend Renee's favourite periods, in Practical Skills , we are put in a mission simulator where we are given real missions and solve them using all our inborn abilities.

12:50 - 1:30 - The longest and the most boring period of all history of superheroes , we learn everything a normal person would in this class. Since it is important we must know normal knowledge to have a secret identity , we learn Maths , Science , History , Geography ..... so on ! I sit doodling on my rough book while Prof. Knowell lectures all of us on latitudes and longitudes.

1:30 is DISPERSAL!!!!!!!!!!! I grab my bag and quickly change my clothes(again in the telephone box ) and bid goodbye to Renee and run to my home . One of my normal friends has called me to tea and I'm so excited!

I love Superhero High ! Do you?
Hi PrincessViolinNature!

What a great description of your day at Superhero High!

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I'm a superman!!

 so interesting

very good story

I very like this video; characters speak clearly:)