Some superheroes need to go to school to learn special skills. What do they learn at Superhero High? Watch and find out!

Story developed by Cambridge English Online


These superheroes have some very exciting lessons! Imagine you're a student at Superhero High. Tell us about your day!

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Some parts are boring and some parts are funny!
I like the part of 'How to see through wall' class!

I like the how to get dress and undressed class because they are very funny.And that was really great!Goooooooooood!

my favourite super hero is iron man . His real name is Tony . In the movie he has make his first iron suit . it's call mark 1 . My favourite iron suit in the movie is the Hulkbuster .

I want to. . .!!!

I want to have "How to stop time?" lesson because I want to rob a bank.

I have a superpower. I can burp very loud ))))

Very very very very very very very very funny. You will send it to ,,Try Not To Laugh"

ı am from turkey . ı dont speak englısh. but ı learn englısh.

I am from Israel. I learn English too.

hello. ı am beren. how are you? what is your name?