Spycat travels round the world looking for the evil Ratty. Will he catch him? Watch and find out!

Story developed by Cambridge English Online


Spycat visits lots of places. Where would you like to visit? Tell us about it!

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Hello!!! My name is Polina!!! I am 8!!!...
Ha-ha-ha!!! I love this story!!! Oops... no... this is not story, this is a game...

I found that code,but it said it was wrong....:S

spycat is the best spy ever!!!!

this game is very funny and the Spycat is cool

It is so funny !!!!!!

I like the Spycat!

The story is fun!!!

I did all correct I helped spycat yay me go girl go

can anyone guess????
hawt a oodg torsy!!!
ti sha na maznaig ameg..
ym itvfaore rtap si enwh pystac difns attrys' avce sebcuae eh dpchune mih in het acef.
good luck^^