It's Christmas Eve. Can Santa deliver all the presents in time? Watch and find out!

Story by Sue Clarke | Animation by Cambridge English Online


In the story Amy helps Santa deliver Christmas presents. Do you get presents for Christmas or another special day? Tell us about it!

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santa is too fat

 very good

 nice nice nice is very cool

 I like it.I´m sure that we all like to meet Santa. merry christmas.

 HO HO HO, it's a nice story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Miss Lucky Mouse, Are there anymore Christmas stories than this story? Can you make a new X'mas story for me to read?

Hi Princess White Firefly

Have you read The snowman story? I hope you enjoy it. 

We'll make some more christmas stories for next year. :)

Happy Christmas to you and everyone else on the website.

Best wishes

Princess Pixie Pea

LearnEnglish Kids team

 It's a nice story!

Chiristmas is good