The girl in this story really wants to be a record breaker. Will she break a record? Watch and find out!

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There are lots of different world records in this story. Which record would you like to try and break? Tell us about it!

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i am azelefa. whats your name? whould you like to be my friend? this is little boaring but nice.

its nice but little you liked it? whats your name? would you want to be my friend

oh i really like the story

I want to break a record too but what record it will be? awesomee story!

  • i have broken a record
  • it was for the loudest and longest scream
  • its some thing i am really proud of
  • but i wont try it again
  • unless my record is broken
  • i wont try it again because after the competition
  • i lost my voice!!!!!!!

 I know why the girl knows all the world records she have tried. Have a look at the guiness word records website.

 it is nice story :)

Very interesting!!!

It's amazing!!
This story is goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood....