Evil Ratty and his gang are going to rob a bank. Can Spycat stop Ratty before it's too late? Watch and find out!

Story by Carolyne Ardron | Animation by Cambridge English Online


Ratty is the worst rat in the world. Can you invent another adventure for Ratty and Spycat? Tell us about it!

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Ratty is a very naughty rat who robs banks. In this story he robbed the 'Bank of Britain'.
Of course he causes a lot of trouble taking the money from the bank. Taking money from the bank is very bad because people who come to the bank to receive money, might not be able to do that because there will no money because of Ratty!
Yes. Spycat does save the world. He unfreezes the cashier with his magic pen and catches the robbers, Miss. Whiskers, Cheese and Ratty. 

Spycat freezes the Rats and arrests them.
-Veronica, 10, UK.

 I had lickt this game very cool.

 The he story is very nice and spycat arrests the evil rats
The story has happy end and for this i like it. 

Nice As Mice!!!!!!

spy cat to the rescue hahahah he is gonna save the world

No fun

you'r wrong its very good

the rats rob the bank,and leave some clue out.Then spycat finds this clue and arrest the rats.

 .... no excelent

jaja i will rob a bank jaja is not realy i love it wow!!