Evil Ratty and his gang are going to rob a bank. Can Spycat stop Ratty before it's too late? Watch and find out!

Story by Carolyne Ardron | Animation by Cambridge English Online


Ratty is the worst rat in the world. Can you invent another adventure for Ratty and Spycat? Tell us about it!

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this is what happend ratty went to the bank  to steal some coins and notes he cause two problems one was there was police and other was his footprint was on one note

i like it too!!!
it's so nice!!!

 who lives in ghana!

It is a best short story I every read!

I l8ike stories of Spy Cat and the sily Rat

Yes, I like the story. I like Spycat.

i wish i could rob a bank

I like the stories about Ratty and Spycat.

 i like this story because is funny

this storie is cool