Evil Ratty and his gang are going to rob a bank. Can Spycat stop Ratty before it's too late? Watch and find out!

Story by Carolyne Ardron | Animation by Cambridge English Online


Ratty is the worst rat in the world. Can you invent another adventure for Ratty and Spycat? Tell us about it!

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he is ratty deadd
ı do spycat

l cannot make a story

me too


''Im always in prison prison prison....uff''Ratty says the policedog comes and says ''you will go out25 years later'' ratty was shocked and said ''WHAT???? 25 YEARS İN PRİSON?!!''
Ratty saw spycat and spycat said ''Iknow you dont like prison ,BUT YOU SHOULD''then he went.... to be continued

24 september
on cinemas

the next adventure will be wroten by MisterSongRocket.
and it willlllllll be writen in comments.
its name will beeeeeeeee.
ratty in prison break.

very long

One day ratty has to burn a special note because if the postgiraffe give the note to the polices every body will know he is a thief .Ratty walks at the forest he sees the postgiraffe.Ratty looks around he sees the securities.He takes his frezee gun then the clash starts chiuw chiuw bam bang . ''RATTY WİNS'' says ratty but then he saw spycat ''YOU ARE TOO LATE SPYCAT '' ratty says . Then spycat start to laugh then polices appear.''CATCH HİM!''spy cat says. ratty starts to run but he is too slow .The polices catch ratty and spycat arrests him THE END

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SPYCAT is a very good detective! I like him