Billy and Splodge are in a spaceship visiting lots of colourful planets. What will they discover? Watch and find out!

Story by Kim Ashmore and Sue Clarke | Animation by Cambridge English Online


Some children in Turkey loved the story of 'Our colourful world' and they drew pictures of their 'Friend from outer space'. Have a look at the online exhibition here.

There are also some great videos of their pictures which a Turkish TV company made. Have a look and let us know what you think. They're fantastic, aren't they? 

Our colourful world:
Animations 1
Animations 2
Animations 3
Animations 4
Animations 5
Animations 6
Animations 7

In the story Billy and Splodge visit a green planet, a blue planet, a red planet, a pink planet and a yellow planet. Can you imagine another planet for Billy and Splodge to visit? Tell us about it!

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I like our planet~~         ^^

I love this story, very nice!!!! :D

 It so fun!!!

The planet Earth is the planet with life. There aren't any planet where that live people like we.
There are more diferent life in space like aliens and other. 

ver nice story

İ thing the red planet is not dangerous. İts right place for me!!!

 there's no such thing as animals in space.

I think the astronaut is silly.I like yellow planet

Earth is very beautiful.

it is about science...? I don't believe...except planet. earth