This boy has to support his football team in secret! Which team does he support? Watch and find out!

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The boy in the story loves his favourite football team. What's your favourite sports team? Tell us about it!

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 Hi everyone 

  1. My name is Jeremiah, i am form in Philippines and i have 10 team in Philippines.
  2. My teams name is Global, Kaya, Green Archers United, Philippine army, Loyola Meralco Sparks, Pachanga Diliman , Stallion, Pasarga, Laos and Philippines women's national football team and last team is  Team Socceroo
  3. My teams from in Philippines.
  4. My teams do have a colors my some the is blue and white or red and white too.
  5. i don;t know who the best player at moment.
  6. Yes in dis year my team ' Team Socceroo ' do have i 2014 season.
  7. No they not.
  8. I don't know it .

Hello everyone.
I love football, my favourite team is Milan, it's a very famous Italiana football team.
I have a team's uniform, it's red and black. My father doesn't like Milan  team but he cheers Inter so we argue when we watch a match on TV.  In my bedroom I have many Milan's posters and in my wardrobe I have a Milan's uniform.
One day in my city there will be one team so I can cheer my favourite team with all my family.

Well this is kinda good at all

 Hi! PrincessButtercup do you will be my friend please?

My favourite team is Real Marid.
And my fave player is Ronaldo.

 My favourite team is Brazil. The team is from Brazil. They wear yellow and green uniform. Neymar is one of the best player. They lose the world cup of 2014. No, there isn't any. U19 Viet nam team is the best in my country.

my favorite team will be Mumbai in Indian football super league

I like it very much.

my team is italy