This boy has to support his football team in secret! Which team does he support? Watch and find out!

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The boy in the story loves his favourite football team. What's your favourite sports team? Tell us about it!

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My favorite team of Barcelona and it is a fascinating story

I love This Story :D:D
Because i like fotbool

* my Favorit team is FC Barcelona
* They are from Barcelona in Spain
*My Favorit Player is Leo Messi
*I think they gona win
*I am From sweden and my Best country team is Torns if

 hi are you from lund?

Yes i am

I love story

This is funny and intresting(sorry if I write something bad, i don't speak english very good because I'm from Croatia) I really like this story...

I support the team germany its my favorate team and hello i am srija

My fave team was boxten united

1. The name of my team is Otelul Galati 
2. The team is from Galatz.
3. They wear three colours: red, white and blue.
4. The best player from Otelul Galati is Florin Cernat.
5. No, they're going to relegate. 6. No, there isn't. 7. No, it isn't now, but it was in 2011