Christmas is this boy's favourite time of year. How does he celebrate? Watch and find out!

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This boy's favourite celebration is Christmas. What's your favourite time of year? Tell us about it!

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 Not the best story, but it's OK!

  • My favorite day is 15th of July.
  • On that day is my birthday.
  • I go to the McDonalds.I different things.
  • Yes. I eat crips,hot-dog or cheesburger.
  • Yes. I wear a very special dress.
  • No.I don't.
  • Yes but no always

 Is a very good story

is shara

I like  the christmas day,  because I can give presents to my feiends ,I can play in the snow  and make a  snow  man. Iam  very  happy.

It was ok!!!

My Birthday And Christmas Day
My family and friends goes to our house
I eat special food
I wear special clothes
I give presents..

very good but very short stories but i love it 

I'm from Poland. Christmas time it is my favorite time of year.
We start December 24th. It is a very important day for Polish Christian people. On Eve Christmas Day in the morning families decorate Christmas Three and we put presents under tree.  Afternoons we met with family and eat special dinner without meat. We leave free seat at the table for an unexpected guest. At the beginning we waiting for a first star and later we share of the special wafer and we wish all the best each other.  For Traditional Christmas dinner should be 12 dishes:
·         a carp - is fish;
·         red borscht - is a soup made of beetroots - with ravioli;
·         dumplings with mushrooms,
·         peas with cabbage
·         dried fruit compote,
·         poppy-seed cake,
·         An interesting dish is Kutia is traditional Christmas cake with wheat, poppy seed, nuts, dried fruits and honey.
After dinner we sing Christmas carols together and some kids go carol singing and get some money or sweet.
 We go to Church at midnight.
The next day, on December 25, it is Christmas. We spend time with family and we visit friends.


we celebrate, too , the Christmas in Romania. Is very cool !