A boy is sad when his favourite clothes don't fit him any more. What will his mum do with them? Watch and find out!

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This boy in the story loves his favourite clothes. What are your favourite clothes? Tell us about them!

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It was nice , but I will prefer it more if Mom gives the old cloths to poor one so that we learn the value of charity :)

this storiies is so fuuuuuunnnnny.
why mon help the bear wear the clothes?

 I love my old clothes 2 ..... hahahaha
that was not funny .....      :(     :'(

 This is a good story :)

i was born 2002

I love teddy and with those clothes is very pretty!

This story's awesome!

Yes this is awesome you will do friendship with me princessbronzecrystal please send answer and please tell me how we can send the comment. Thanks ......

Hello Everyone,
I am soumen from India.
my favourite clothes are black T-shirt with blue jeans,any sky blue color or Light  Blue Color or Light Green Color T-shirt.I like it because i got it from my parents on my  last birthday.I feel comfort and confident.my friends were appriciate that i was looking so nice with it.

 This story is short, funny and good. I like it.