Lottie is talking about her dad. Is her dad like yours? Watch and find out!

Story by Kim Ashmore | Animation by Cambridge English Online


Lottie tells us about her dad. Can you describe someone in your family? Tell us what they look like and what they do!

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 I loved the story because it was about a dad. 

  What a great story!
  I really love it

very nice but my dad don't have hair anymore


Ill make a story so here it is:
One day a baby bird was trying to fly, when the baby bird's mother came baby bird said "Iwant to fly!!!!" she shouted loudly. Her mother spoke gently "Be patient my little one, you are not yet ready. Your wings are still too small." Baby bird shouted" No! I want to fly now, Why can't I fly? The other small birds can but why not me?" Mother bird said gently " They waited for their small wings to grow, I will teach you how to fly when your older." Baby bird was angry , she said " If you won't teach me, i will find someone who can" and walked away. She went to the forest to visit the rabbits. baby bird said " Rabbit can you teach me how to fly?" Rabbit answered " I'm afraid Ican't fly, neither teach you how to fly." Baby bird walked away and went around the whole forest, but sadly she did'nt find anybody who can teach her how to fly. She was on her way home, when a big wolf saw her. The wolf saw that she has a pale face. The wolf blocked her way and asked " why are you so sad baby bird?" baby bird answered " No one in the forest can teach me how to fly, and my mother thought That i'm to small to fly." The wolf whispered to himself "this is going to be my yummy dinner." He said to the baby bird " Oh, don't be sad, I know how to fly, I can teach you." Baby bird chorused " You can!" The wolf answered " Yes, I can we wolves are professional flyers. Come with me in my cave, there Iwill teach you how to fly in no time."  The wolf and baby bird walked to the cave.  There the wolf ate the baby bird. Mother bird was getting worried, she looked for baby bird but there is no sign of baby bird. After that they never saw baby bird again. THE END!!!!!!!!!! Hope you liked it

 why a sad story?
make a story with happy endings next time ok?

I really liked it? Hope that you will make new stories everyday.