Lottie is talking about her dad. Is her dad like yours? Watch and find out!

Story by Kim Ashmore | Animation by Cambridge English Online


Lottie tells us about her dad. Can you describe someone in your family? Tell us what they look like and what they do!

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My dad is very funny and love singing. My dad has a guitar. He has black hair,and black eyes to. he has brown skin. I love my dad so much.

I am from Burma.

I live in Myanmar,Mandalay.

My dad is a doctor.I love him a lot.I love my mom also.

My dad is an electrical enginer. I love my dad and my mum.

i love my dad a lot.

i love my mom and dad.

I love my dad alot

She doesn't talk about her mother.Why???Maybe she doesn't live with her mother!!!She lived a cool live with her father!!!^_^

Hi SmilingTeacher Rock, 

I think you are right, this girl does not live with her mother, she only lives with her dad. Also, I think you are right that she has a cool life with him! 



LearnEnglish Kids team